Keypad-to-Cloud Security Audit

Security is fleeting…

Especially when it comes to info tech and the internet.


Hacks, bugs, and other issues cause countless problems for businesses and the people who work in them:

  • Data theft
  • Customer distrust and turnover
  • Prolonged downtime
  • Costly last-minute (shotgun) solutions
  • Employee frustration
  • Sleepless nights for the business owner
  • And so much more!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…

Don’t wait until you’re stuck in the middle of one of those situations… Get out ahead of your inevitable security issues with our comprehensive, deep-dive Keypad-to-Cloud Security Audit.


Here’s how it works:

  1. We’ll collect some basic info from you in our initial call,
  2. then we’ll remotely scan and analyze your entire communications/IT infrastructure and network for issues and potential threats, and
  3. present a detailed report of our findings to you, along with a recommended strategy for successful resolution of any outstanding issues and ongoing protection.


What do we mean by “Keypad-to Cloud”? It means our audit includes:

  • cloud servers
  • onsite servers
  • desktops, laptops, and connected devices
  • network infrastructure
  • phone systems
  • ???
  • ????
  • ?????
  • and more!

Take control of your business, and get back to what matters most…

Don’t get yourself stuck. Get proactive about your security, take control of your business, and put your attention back on growth and profitability (where it belongs).


We believe all businesses–no matter their size or budget–should be able to make the impact, and the money, they’re committed to. That means you. That’s why we exist.


That’s also why we’re offering this extraordinary service for only $495.


(Yes, that’s a full audit, report, and actionable customized security strategy, for less than $500!)


Click below to book your initial call and make your payment.