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IT Solutions for small business – Indie-Tech.com

We connect business owners to personalized solutions tailored around their day-to-day IT necessities. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Elevate your small business with our comprehensive IT solutions. From seamless phone systems and robust network setups to efficient email management, we provide tailored technology solutions to empower your business growth. Experience reliability and performance, crafted for businesses like yours.
As an IT partner to our clients, we work together to create the most effective technologies, implementing lasting tools that help you build increasing success while actually saving money.


What We’re All About

We want to make a difference. We care about people. We feed off of people. Off of fixing things. Making things better. Helping you win.


We know tech. We know voice. We know data. And we know how those things work best together.


And we certainly know ownership. Owning a business. Owning our results. Owning who we are. What it takes to build something. What it takes to be connected. To stay connected. Connected and moving forward together. Even in a world of discord and noise. Even now. Especially now.


We believe in doing a good job, having pride in our work, and doing what we said we’d do. And having some freaking fun while we do it.


We believe that flexibility is strength, and we operate accordingly. There’s (almost) always more than one way to do something.


We know our job is done when you walk away totally equipped to do your thing, up your game, and make your mark. Now go do it. No excuses.


We also understand that there’s more to life–way more–than work, and we embrace that wholeheartedly. We love music, we listen to music, we play music. Rebel music. We love travel. We love food. Sometimes we love it so much we make weird sounds while we eat. It’s worth it. We live. We’ve confronted death, so we just f***ing LIVE.


And when we work, we work like it matters. Because we believe it does. Because we also love solving problems. Programming. Creating. Building new things. We love when the results are just, well, awesome–it’s all working, all easy. When there’s a clear ROI. For everyone.


Everyone needs tech. And therefore everyone needs a techie.


We promise to give you our best, live our values, and leave you whole–and then some. We promise to get you clear, connected, and in position to kick some ass.


Let’s jam.