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Our Story

Meet Christy

Christy started out in the telecommunications industry in 1996. From the beginning, Christy learned she had a natural knack for creating an exceptional customer experience.


Continuing her education with AT&T/Lucent Technologies phone systems, Christy was quick to stand out amongst her peers, receiving A+ computer technical certifications and earning grades at the top of her class. Quickly promoted to Operations Manager, Christy oversaw the routing of company-wide technicians while assisting client needs.


At the age of 22, Christy moved to Orange County to become an install technician/project manager for a Lucent Technologies (now AVAYA) business partner. Expanding her knowledge and expertise, in 2000, Christy earned her Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Certification from Microsoft with yet another certification just two years later in the world of Telecommunications and VoIP; becoming one of the first to be certified in AVAYA’s groundbreaking, new phone system… the AVAYA IP Office.

In 2004, Christy accepted a position for an IT consulting company where she provided regular IT support to small business clients, working alongside the CEO managing phone and IT infrastructure moves, along with growing the AVAYA phone system client base.  In 2010, another change of pace came her way as she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Ovarian Cancer.


Surviving cancer after 1.5 years of chemotherapy and recovery, Christy’s view on life changed for the better and her passion to help others reignited! Grateful to receive so much support from friends, family and the like, Christy took this positivity back to her profession where she felt she give back: assisting her clients, utilizing all of her acquired expertise, and newly found purpose all under her own umbrella.


With the approval of her former superiors, that’s exactly what she did.


“I started indieTECH in 2012 initially to take some time off and freelance. The break allowed me to realize that I wanted to make a difference in the world by helping small businesses and colleagues become efficient and forward thinking with their technology needs. I wanted to be able to make a positive contribution to their business growth by giving them the best possible tools to communicate. I see indieTECH as a form of tech art, creating my own voice as a woman in TECH and thinking outside the box.”

– Christy Lemaster, Owner


Always maintaining an exceptional standard of customer service and industry knowledge, Christy provides the most modern, cutting edge technological advancements. Working alongside her clients, Christy enjoys what she does and her friendly nature, knowledgeable experience, and approachable strategies allow for even the most intimidated of clients to grasp technological concepts; providing lasting solutions second to none.