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TECH 101

TECH 101


Learn how to save time and money with our free assessment.

For new or small businesses, the variety of telecommunication and data solutions can be difficult to assess. At indieTECH, we are passionate about helping business owners find what works for them.


Taking our TECH 101 assessment, we step in to analyze and assess what services are best suited for your company’s needs through our 3-Step process completely FREE!



ONE. Assess for Needs

Analyzing the current services your company needs, we ask the most basic question: Does it work? We look into aspects such as the convenience, efficiency, and cost of operations and maintenance to see if we can simplify your network to save you time and money.


TWO. Offer Multiple Solutions

indieTECH takes the analysis of your current infrastructure and provides multiple solutions so you as a business owner, can have the flexibility and ease that fits your work style and budget. When consolidating multiple providers into one company, you are offered the conveniences and efficiency of a one-stop shop for all of your communication needs.

THREE. 5-Year Solutions

Our personalized solutions are made to benefit your company for the long haul. Tailored systems and services can show you how our solutions work for your best interests, and hold our team as an extension of yours.

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