Green IT Strategy

Green IT Strategy

Paper Elimination Strategy


  • Printers – desk vs network (less hardware, consumable resources)
  • Duplex printing (using both sides of paper)
  • Scanning
  • Electronic fax


Computer Power Strategy


  • Purchase green computers (less power)
  • Power save modes
  • Laptops and tablets vs desktops


Business Data Cloud Strategy


•Data stored in reputable cloud server

  • More reliable – guaranteed up time, servers are maintained, redundant, backed up and have UPS in the event of a power outage.This saves costs and downtime.

Separate clouds for different functions – email, storage, and communications. This way, in the unlikely event a cloud has downtime, only a portion of the business function is affected.


  • Laptops and tablets vs desktops – connect and collaborate anywhere.


Teleworking Strategy


  • Softphones or voIP to enhance communication
  • Video conferencing solutions
  • Instant Message Solutions
  • Less time traveling
  • More time spent being productive
  • Less resources used – gas, wear and tear on car, mental stress, etc.

Better work/life balance


Green IT Procurement


  • Total cost of ownership – maintenance, monthly cost, upgrades, etc.
  • Total life cycle
  • Energy consumption

Return on investment