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August 2014

Small Business Communications

If you own a small business, you are aware of the constant communication that must go on. Like bees around a hive, you and your workers must spread your vision and message through effective marketing strategies, as well as keep in touch with your regular client base. Added to that is the constant communication done within the company: colleague-to-colleague, and business-to-business. To streamline your process, get the most out of your 8-hour workday, and make it effortless for partners and clients to communicate with your company, you must first implement the right communications systems in your beehive.


This is where Avaya IP Office comes in! Avaya unifies your in-house communications so that collaborative efforts are not bogged down by the lack of a streamlined system. Connect your company phone system to your mobile devices for a productive experience on virtually any device. Get voice, mobile, and video powerful enough to support 2,000 users. Our small business set up is easy to work with, easy to manage, and all from a single source.


Take a look at what Andrew Altschuler, from AmeriMerchant had to say about Avaya IP Office.

“In an industry that has become very competitive in the last few years, highly responsive communications are vital to our business. […] It’s all about speed to market – and Avaya IP Office allows AmeriMerchant to map out how we want to perform in the market place. ” –Andrew Altschuler, Vice President Business Development


Communication solutions can have lasting benefits for businesses. With a modern process of interconnectivity on all platforms, work productivity increases, management and repair costs dwindle, and customer service skyrockets. This means less hassle and more profits, as your company focuses on what’s really important, having an efficient and effective company that puts your clients first. Contact us at 855.804.TECH to see how indieTECH can help increase your productivity with the Avaya IP Office System!

Personalized Solutions For The Modern World

Times are changing and with it so are company IT solutions. Using the most effective technologies and services that fit your company, can make a huge impact on your company’s efficiency. The indieTECH team is proud to partner with our clients to find them the most effective plan that suits their individual needs. Our mission is to help small businesses succeed with tailored phone and IT technology.


Christy, the owner of indieTECH started out young, like many small businesses. At the tender age of 22 she moved to Orange County to become AVAYA’s first full-time install technician/project manager for a local business partner.


Christy’s experience and education became the backbone to a great company philosophy. Making a difference in the world by helping small businesses become efficient and forward thinking with their technology needs. As technology evolves, smaller companies are the first to get left behind. But indieTECH’s tailored assessment plans help small businesses work efficiently.


Learn more today on how we can help.  With different solutions for any type of business, IndieTECH can help you save time and money. From Avaya IP Office system, hosted email, Ring Central, and the reliability of tailored solutions to fit your individual needs, contact us today and get a personalized plan tailored to you and your business!


Going Green

It is no secret that companies need to do their part by being environmentally conscious. Caring about the environment is second nature here at indieTECH. With more businesses going green, finding Green IT solutions for your business has never been easier. Check how indieTECH can help your business be more environmentally friendly.



All businesses create waste. From excess paper to unnecessary storage, it is easy to lose track of the efficiency of your company as you expand and grow. At indieTECH we assess and analyze what green strategies can work for your company. When implemented, these processes can not only reduce waste, but also increase efficiency, and save you time and money.



Did you know that a UCLA study found that companies with green practices have employees who are 16 percent more productive? When your employees streamline processes, they get less bogged down with finding that paper with critical information and become much more productive. Going paperless, or eliminating excess waste can actually boost work morale as protocols get more efficient and work becomes easier. Additionally, people who are personally invested and connected to the companies they work with indicate a happier work outlook.


Going green is definitely the wave of the future. At indieTECH we can assess which green strategies are suitable for your company. With a uniquely tailored plan created specifically to suit your needs, it has never been easier Eliminating unnecessary waste and expenditure will not only make your company efficient, it can increase company morale, save time, energy, and revenue, and most importantly save the planet.


IndieTECH prides itself on great customer service, with tailored plans that suit your individual needs. From Avaya IP Office, Ring Central, to hosted email on cloud servers, indieTECH has the right plans to help both you and the planet. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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